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If the Caucasian restaurant in Slovakia is opened by the real keepers of the culinary traditions, the menu turns out to be classic and delicious, and the atmosphere is hospitable and domestic.
Two-story “Nobile” is located in the heart of Bratislava: Hviezdoslavovo nam.26 811 02. From the windows there is a wonderful view on the Hviezdoslavovo square and Opera house. And inside the restaurant every detail of the interior, every menu item is made with love and sincere desire to surprise with taste.
A noble tree in decoration, spices and sweets on the shelves, fresh flowers create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness, that is conducive to a soulful rest and leisurely pastime for the whole family.
The second flour of the restaurant is banquet hall with terrace overlooking the square and the Danube and a private hall for karaoke. This room can accommodate 60 guests and is perfect for weddings, birthday parties and corporate meetings.
The “Nobile” supports the good traditions of family holiday – on weekends there will be held children’s entertainment programs, and the restaurant has also kid’s corner.



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where are we from?


The Caucasus region is a true melting pot of cultures. It lies at the border of Europe and Asia and stretches across Armenia,
Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Russia. Caucasian cuisine is a combination of culinary traditions of these distinct regions. This means that Caucasian dishes do not solely belong to a single country but are tied together by unique cooking ideas, flavours and ingredients, which are shared across the nations. Yet, they can always surprise with their local varieties and interpretations.




The Team


Executive Chef

“I was brought up in a family where it was expected to honour the elders, respect children, and receive guests. Throughout my childhood, I watched as my grandparents cooked something special and tasty and I really liked it. I have kept all these recipes and now I am happy to use them“

Kaha Kobiashvili is a professional chef responsible for running the kitchen at Nobile. He is the personification of Caucasian cuisine and a true lover of cooking, who believes that the taste is given to you at birth: ”you either feel the food or not“.


Kaha was born and raised in Georgia, so his hands blend the eastern sun and hospitality, and the aroma of fresh spices from the Georgian mountain villages. His culinary path began in early childhood when his grandparents introduced him to the secrets of and the passion for cooking. Kaha honours his heritage and strives to prepare meals in the restaurant exclusively from his home recipes. Back home in Tbilisi, Kaha cooked for presidents and celebrities, and now, he shares his gifts and skills with the residents and visitors of Slovakia.

Babushka cooking

Who is




the soul of our pies


Who would not like fresh, homemade pastry? Especially homemade Ossetian pies filled with meat, cheese, pumpkin or potatoes. Baking pies has a strong tradition in Caucasian cuisine. Many children remember their grandmother or “babushka” baking a cheese pie for them, filling the entire house with a rich and luscious aroma of fresh pastry. We know that the dough needs the warmth of loving hands and a wealth of experience in baking. This is why we invited “babushkas” from Ossetia to work with us at Nobile and bake these excellent pies for you.