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Caucasian cuisine

One cannot describe Caucasian cuisine without mentioning a bounty of fresh produce, the harmony of perfectly cooked meat and a deep love of bread. Our bread is baked flat and we fill it with delicious cheese, meat or cabbage. As wine is a staple companion of every meal, we recommend you try one of our wines made according to the old tradition of Caucasian winemaking. At Nobile world renown Caucasian hospitality and friendliness is served in handfuls to guarantee your ultimate culinary experience.







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In the Caucasian restaurant on the main place is the oven, in which pies and khachapuri (Georgian cheese bread) are prepared. The oven in “Nobile” create true miracles, baking from it is not inferior to the traditional pies from Georgia and Ossetia. If you have not tried Georgian specialities, then feel free to choose soup kharcho, khinkali, khachapuri. If you already are a connoisseur of Georgian cuisine, then you will appreciate these dishes, as all of them are made according to family recipes, passed on from generation to generation. And for those who are not ready yet to taste the Caucasian feast – the chefs perfectly performing the main hits of the European cuisine – Viennese schnitzel and Caesar salad.

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our story

Our Story


executive CHEF

“I was brought up in a family where it was expected to honour the elders, respect children, and receive guests. Throughout my childhood, I watched as my grandparents cooked something special and tasty and I really liked it. I have kept all these recipes and now I am happy to use them“.

Kaha Kobiashvili is a professional chef responsible for running the kitchen at Nobile. He is the personification of Caucasian cuisine and a true lover of cooking, who believes that the taste is given to you at birth:”you either feel the food or not“.

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we cook what we grow

From our farm

We believe that hearty and delicious food comes from a combination of fine ingredients and a love of cooking. That is why at Nobile, our ingredients come from our own farm located in the picturesque nature of Male Ripnany. The farm is home to broods of chickens and herds of sheep and dairy cows that are free to roam and graze on our green fields ensuring we can use the highest quality meat, milk or cheese in our dishes. Fresh fish is always on the menu at Nobile with trout, carp and sturgeon all farmed in our own fishponds. The clean air and nutritious soil of the local area also ensures our vineyards success, which are widely known for producing different kinds of award-winning wines VINUM NOBILE.

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